Visual AIDS.
Hi, I'm Blue, I'm genderfluid,
and this is my blog. Enjoy. i like reblogging peoples selfies. This blog is also full of boobs and kittens. So nsfw and children so don't bring your children here or your paper skinned pansy ass that can handle a vagina or two.
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Anonymous asked: XD well you really pissed me off a while ago and now I'm just trying to come to terms with everything cause you threw a wrench in my life but I'm mostly okay now and I wanna try being friends with ya so naturally I stalked you and stuff an now here I am. Hah ^_^'


Well I’m hella confused I’m sorry I pissed you off I wish I knew who you were so I could be a lil more sincere come off anon

Anonymous asked: Woo! I agree. And yeah I'm kinda tired of being on anon but I dunno if I should come off or not because like ya know I dontwantyoutobecreepedout. and stuff. Hah haa


It’s kinda hard to creepe out it’s ok lol

Anonymous asked: It's pretty ballin. Haha, getting tired of talking to me yet? XD


Nah it’s nice to have convos with peoples are you tired of being on anon? Lol

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